SONYA is a multi-talented creative artist with a passion for color. Her career started in the fashion industry as a make-up artist for Yves st. Laurent. Although she loved the Paris fashion weeks, and to make people beautiful, she knew there was more out there to create with colors. A starcolorist was born.

Her haircolor combinations are endless. The way she creates shows being a hair colorist is her true passion. SONYA has been nominated 9 times for the Coiffure award and made it to the finals of the international “OneShot hair awards”.

SONYA is Creative artist for L’Oreal Professional the Netherlands and International where she gives haircolor workshops. You can also find her backstage on big events and shows or in the Photostudio as a Make-up Artist.


This colorful and cozy studio is a perfect décor for the ColorAcademy, the perfect place to do customized personal training, given on the basis of knowledge, wishes and curiosity of the student.

Her basic desire to make everbody more beautiful with color also got its place at HairColorKitchen. If you want a haircolor by the ColorQueen herself she is working only -by appointment- with love in her ColorSalon.

A meeting with Sonya, wether you do a workshop or let color your hair, promises you a wonderful day with a happy smile, indulgence, conviviality and… a lot of color!


Check this out, arti folks!

I’ve always been creative. As a child, I was all about splashing colors on paper, writing poetic flows, and wearing wild outfits like nobody’s business. Later it was all about the music scene, belting out tunes as a vocalist, cooking in the kitchen as a culinary wizard, and fluffing up living spaces with my decor game. My first job? Makeup artist extraordinaire. Yeah, I was all about painting faces 😃 and sculpting hairdos.

Fast forward, I dove deep into the world of color, using hair as my canvas. I started crafting collections, weaving stories through a series of photos where hair color, texture, shape, makeup, and style danced together in perfect harmony. That’s when I realized, creating these visual feasts was my jam.

Flash to now, I’m owning the title of artist more and more. People are understanding the vibes of my work from the past 25 years, so I’m finally giving it the spotlight it deserves. 💪🏽💪🏽

For the first time ever, you can get my creations on plexiglass in my art shop. Some of my older pieces are getting a fresh twist with a little AI magic. And to top it off, I’m printing them’ on canvas and giving them a whole new vibe with some paint strokes, making each piece a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It’s a creative journey years in the making… and it feels so damn good.

Full circle vibes, baby. What goes around, comes around. 🌀