By Sonya Bloemhard


‘Coloring hair is not easy. It’s a creative process that becomes art’
— Sonya Bloemhard —

Are You a Pure ‘Colorista’ and can’t you get enough of bringing colors to the world?
Then HairColorKitchen is paradise for You!

Longtime before the term Colorist was born everything touched by Sonya turned into Color. In her ‘kitchen’ she shares color-recipes, techniques, tips and tricks and teaches all you want to know. Maximum attention gives the most beautiful results, Sonya says: The most important lesson with cooking is to stand by it to prevent it goes wrong. It’s the same in HairColorKitchen. That is why she gives one-on-one training (or one-on-two if you like to workshop together).

She is your ‘Personal trainer’ so you decide whether you want to train on a model or to try your new skills on a dolly head. If you are strong in the morning or rather be there in the afternoon or want to be there a whole day and taste her yummy lunch;  everything is okay with Sonya.

Her workshops where she shares her  experience and knowledge, are among educational and hands-on also easy going, colorful and creative. She gets her students out of there comfort zone and use haircolor in a way they haven’t before. ‘We are looking for the artist within you’.


Feel home and at ease in her warm and cozy kitchen. Experience how this joyful day will inspire you and, in the end will bring you good business.

If you want to learn or more specialize? You can mix & match

  • Balayage Techniques
  • Foil Techniques
  • Melting Colors
  • Freehand Colors
  • Creative Colors
  • Artistic Colors
  • Face Framing
  • MoneyPieceHighlights
  • Placement & Choise of Color

ColorAcademy workshops are custom made and finished with a colorful certificate.  Got curious? Please contact, share your goals and receive a ‘personal offer’.


‘I love all Colors; especially bright, pastel & natural!’
-Sonya Bloemhard-

Ask Sonya What’s cooking and you will get a colorful answer! A few day’s a week this coloricious Chef, will cook colors in her HairColorKitchen.

This Colorist loves to stir and to blend until she creates an ultimate colormix that will bring your haircolor to next-level.  She is the queen of balayage and freehand coloring. With her brushes her hand is as tight as the hand of a surgeon, with the eye of an artist your hair is the canvas where colors find their own space.

Just sit on her throne and surrender to her creativity and expertise. She will reveal your true colors. Pinky promise!

Sonya Bloemhard Haircolorkitchen


Aanzet Kleur v.a.€ 50
Hele Kleur v.a.€ 75
¼ Folie€ 50
½ Folie€ 75
¾ Folie€ 100
Full Head Folie€ 125
Toner€ 25
Bleach Aanzet v.a.€ 50
Bleach Full Head v.a.€ 125
Balayage v.a.€ 200
FaceFraming v.a.€ 100
Sonya’s Color€ 100
Sonya The Artist Color€ 250
Föhnen Kort Haar€ 25
Föhnen Lang Haar€ 50
Krul/Stijltang v.a.€ 25
Toeslag Lang Haar€ 25
Toeslag Veel Haar€ 25
Metal Detox Behandeling€ 25